Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Introducing Herbie

Let's talk about the newest hammie that arrived via 'Happy Meal' box!

While we were touring in the herb garden during our vacation, I exclaimed to co-owner that we need to look for 'Herbie'. Co-owner thought I was looking for some herb plants but I was thinking about the name of our future hamster. Thus the name.

So one casual day while co-owner was ordering some drinks, as usual I wondered to the petshop panel of small animals opposite the drink stall, not having any intentions to have any new hamsters. Suddenly, this little fella came up and stood in front of me. It was in the Sapphire WW section but its fur coat was awkwardly different. So after a round of hesitation, this hammie came home with us. =)

While I was a little disappointed that Herbie is not a male, she wasn't too shy a hammie and within 3 days, she was like best of friends with us. So now, we have 2 females and 2 males hamsters in the house. Poor Skippy, we could sense some jealousy there.

I do hope Herbie's fur coat won't change because I really like that she got the white fur painted over half her body. It's probably the fur changing period but right now, we will take more photo of her, lest one day she turned 'grey'.


Paula Regina said...

hamster cuteness!
It looks like a cotton ball of cuddly baby :o)
Hamsters with this color hair are rare in Brazil.

Paula from Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil

Paula Regina said...


no hair! is fur! :o{

In Brazil we have a saying for these errors: that monkey (would like that blunder)

masterofboots said...

she is heart meltingly cute! Hello Herbie :)

masterofboots said...

btw, you have 2 males 2 females, how do you house them? All in separate cages, or will herbie bunk in with skippy?

kisetsu said...

Hi Paula, I do hope it's not the WW fur-changing period. Else, 5 months down the road, you will see another 'Skippy' appearing. =D

MoB - I housed them separately. We all know how vicious EG can be to his pals eh. *grins* Although both Skippy and Herbie are of friendly nature, but knowing Skippy, she definitely have the 'bullying capability'. =D

wiffy said...

she looks really sweet! look forward to her updates on HHW. so cute you already got the name in mind before getting the ham :D

kisetsu said...

Hur hur, I wonder how come the name came first. =D But was a little disappointed that it's not a boy, cos' in my mind Herbie is supposed to be male. =p

Haha, stay tune for the updates and you'll know what this little twerp did to me. -.-

ippo456 said...

So cute so cute!
I like her fur colour the way it is.
Do you always have a minimum of 1 hamster as a pet at all times?

kisetsu said...

No Ippo. I don't have such criteria. We don add new hams just to have a minimum number of hamsters in Hamsty. It just has to have that kind of attraction. You know the type that 'You're da ham' kind of fate. The kind the ham lock eyes with us and we exclaim 'the one'! :D

Gee, I sounded like writing an infatuation story plot. Haha. :D Well, I used to be hamster-less, until I adopted Chiko and Naughty. :)