Monday, November 22, 2010


The other night I was thinking: - Every ham owner will definitely have their favourite selection of hamster photos. So many years down Hamsty Memories Lane, we have a list of top favourites. Here are the Top 7 hamsters of Hamsty Owners' Favourite Photos.

No. 1
Stubby (2006~2008)
He is the epitome of cute. His face had become the iconic criteria for the owners to judge a hamster cuteness. Big eyes, stubby nosey, round face!
He is the avatar for the owner's Facebook profile as well as the owner's TripAdvisor profile.

No. 2
Hermie (2007~2010)
This little fella looked horrendously ratty when he was young. His is a story of an ugly duckling turned Prince Charming. He became the trademark of 'The Hermie Face', a term the owners used to describe a chubby cute face of a hamster. He won the HH's Hamster Of The Month & Xmas Siggy awards.

No. 3
Fatty aka Stiggy (2006~2008)
Stiggy is an example of a lazy hamster. This photo has been named as 'What A Lazy Hammie' displaying how a hamster could be cute while lazing around. It is the fav. photo of the owner despite being amateurly taken.

He is the avatar for the owner's Hamster Hideout Forum profile.

No. 4
Mochi (2008~2009)
Having unique features give a hamster an edge. Acting cute straight away brings him an accolade. This photo dubbed as 'The Husky' becomes the co-owner's favourite and was the wallpaper of the co-owner's PC after this shot.
This photo is the wallpaper for the co-owner's Zen MP3 player.

No. 5
Baby Mott aka Mogi (2008~2010)
Another hamster with pleasant features. She is one of the most photogenic hamsters in Hamsty and most of her photos are always pleasantly cute and timeless classics.

She is currently the wallpaper of co-owner's PC.

No. 6
Whitehead (2006~2008)
Despite having a tilted head, it didn't stop him from getting cuter each day. Although he didn't look as cute as his same batch brother Stubby, Whitehead managed to become good looking as he grew older.

He is currently the avatar for the owner's Twitter profile.

No. 7
Cherry (2008~2010)
She is the testimony that a common and smaller eyed hammie can be just as cute. As one of the most photogenic hammie in Hamsty, her photos also always garnered the 'so cute' comments.
She is the avatar of the co-owner's Facebook profile.

It's not easy to get into this chart with our quirky requirements. In time to come, we hope to find new hopefuls for next 3 slots. Hmmm, I wonder are there hamster owners out there who do this as well? =p

Note: This is an internal Hamsty contest but it does not construe as owners' favouritism. All hams are still being treated as equals. =D


Paula Regina said...

Beautiful fur balls.
all beautiful, all cute!

Paula from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil

kisetsu said...

These are our top selections. Haha, cream of the crop style. =D

masterofboots said...

i really can't decide who is cuter. They all have their own special qualities :P

kisetsu said...

Hahaha. In no order actually. Yep, they were all unique in their ways.

ippo456 said...

Aaww they're all very cute!
It's hard to pick one.
Hermie lived for quite a long time for a dwarf :-)

kisetsu said...

Hermie, the most outstanding ham ham.

Sigh~ those were the days. :/

n0n0i♥a'n'l said...

I love all Alex n Lolo's photo , it so hard to pick a fav.. hahaha..

kisetsu said...

Certain photos of Lolo I like, and certain photos of Alex I like too. =D

wiffy said...

You captured them in their sweetest moments!

kisetsu said...

A collection of their best photos. Thank god for technology. This really couldn't happen without quality digital cameras. =)