Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Injured Ham

So much for the Hamsty Playground Opening Ceremony! Yesterday, the Hamsty Avenue opened back the communal playpen and we even invited 2 guests-of-honor, Mario and Scrump to attend the ceremony. But today, the playpen yet again closed down until further notice! -.-"

Scratch hiding away, refusing to let anyone see his face

What a joke! I totally forgotten Earl Grey was inside the playpen, hiding inside the hideout and I happily put Scratch in. Scratch, who loves the playpen alot was happy it was finally his turn and he started exploring while I returned back to my computer. Co-owner came in and heard much scruffling, and in all horror, we saw them two rumbling about. By then it was too late. Scratch suffered a huge tear on his left face and was terribly traumatised. =c

Don't look at Earl as a friendly hammie, he's very nice to human but he can be very aggressive to his own kind (look how he bullied Kopi last time). Scratch on the other hand, though looks fierce and aggressive, is actually a very soft ham. He is those obedient type that will keep quiet. That's why he didn't even squeak for help. ;(

My poor injured Scratch looking pitiful

My handsome lad turns 'Phantom of the Opera' again. =.= Hope he recovers soon. T_T


Ms J said...

My hammies sometimes got injured too. I always have the gamat oil in hand whenever they're injured. And they heal real fast!

kisetsu said...

The area is near the eye. So I don't dare to use the medication as well.

Looks like a surface scratch and he lost alot of fur. I hope he can recover by itself without medication.

masterofboots said...

Poor thing! earl grey is naughty!

Paula Regina said...

How sad. Poor hamster :...(

Beware the slightest sign of infection!

Paula from Rio/Brazil

Paula Regina said...

Oh my God! It is September 7, my birthday! Here in Brazil is still the 6th of September.
wow! :oD

kisetsu said...

Masterofboots - Are you wxin? =) Yah, bad Earl Grey. *smacks EG's bum bum*

Yup, we sanitised all Scatch's belonging and changed new clean beddings. Hope he don't keep scratching his wounds. And hey, happy birthday to you. It's 7th now, on our timing. =D

Paula Regina said...

Thanks! Thank you for your message.

Paula from Rio/ Brazil

masterofboots said...

yup i'm wxin

ippo456 said...

Aawww I hope Scratch will be ok.
Not good to see hamsters fighting, especially if you're trying to separate them while fearing that one might bite you.

Paula Regina said...

Hi, kisetsu.
Scratch still good? The eye was good? Reduced the swelling?

kisetsu said...

Hi Ippo & Paula,

Ok, it's one goon mistake cos' I put them together outta folly. (=.=)

But yup, the wound on Scratch's face healed (their healing process is so much faster than humans!) but it will be for a while to grow back his fur.

Co-owner's imaginative quote of Earl: " I may be 'guai guai' (obedient), but don't you come and disturb me or I'll bite!"

wiffy said...

oh dear poor Scratch. Tio scratched! :x yes I tot EG looks very "si wen" didn't know he can be quite "man" when it comes to these situations. Hope Scratch's wound is healing nicely by now.

kisetsu said...

Haha Scratch tio-ed 'scratch'. LoL.

Yup, Scratch heals fast. Wanted to take photo but the co-owner din bring his camera here and my compact camera is useless with a restless Scratch.

Will update soon.

Rosie said...


kisetsu said...

No worries no worries.. =D