Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hamsty Treats!

Our hammies are in for a treat! Wiffy prepared a good mix of yummy food for the Hamsty.

The hammies like it, especially the pumpkin seed. =D All thanks to Noobcook, the hams are going organic. (^^)

It looks so yummy that I wanna try it too. =p


ippo456 said...

Waaa what's the mix other than pumpkin seed & oats?
Maybe the chinchillas will like them too.

kisetsu said...

Oh, I really don't know. This is specially prepared by Wiffy. =D The hams seems to like it. ^^

wiffy said...

do the hammies like it? Hope they do hehe

ippo: it has museli, flaxseeds, wheatgerm, millet etc. the base I am using a 9-grain museli mix (for humans) and I added the wheatgerm and seeds and instant oats etc :D

kisetsu said...

Flaxseeds are those brown little ones? Most of them hams will dig the pumpkin seeds but Earl Grey keeps eating on the brown ones. He leaves quite a pile of mess in his hideout after peeling the shell/skin of the seeds.

Generally, most hams eat (compulsory by force from the owner) and I think I should be getting these fresh mix instead of pre-packed hamsters food from petshop. IMO, it should be healthier too. ;)