Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hamsty Karaoke

I was doing my scrapbooking in front of the hammies when I noticed Skippy is doing something. Looks like she enjoys music and is singing. (^o^) Out comes our camera!

Haha. Ok, I poke fun at the hams again, but I can't help making it to a karaoke video when I saw her doing this. =D


wxin said...

i really like this blog. just bought 2 molten winter hamsters and they are the cutest things in the world

kisetsu said...

Thanks for liking Wxin.

Oooh, motts! Skippy is a motted ham too. But hers can't be seen cos' her spots are on her butt. :D

I like motts too. They have a different kindda attitude too. Maybe just coincident that all my 3 motts display same type of habits. :D

Paula Regina said...

ven without speaking Spanish, Brazilians understand the language very well :oD
I think the hamster is Latin ;)

Paula from Rio/Brazil

kisetsu said...

Hahaha. Me thinks so too. They seems to react with Latin music. =D

wiffy said...