Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hamsty Owner's Hoards

Apart from collecting rearing hamsters, the Hamsty owner also likes to collect hamster related stuff. Like the hammies, I too likes to hoard. (^.^) So yesterday when I passed by the figurines shop, I suddenly had the urge to go in and take a look to see if they have any new input of the hamster figurine that I missed previously. Lo behold! They had! I had been looking for it since many years. The last time they had on display, I hesitated and it was gone. This time round, it came as a set with other animals and I bought it despite I don't need the rest.

This current one has the walnut as food. The previous one was sunflower seed and it was so cute. Oh well, at least I have it. Too much bluetack though.

Around this month, our local 7-11 convenience store also sold these cute little Zhu-Zhu hamsters figurines. It's like gachapon, there are 18 designs but I decided 4 is enough and I'm lucky to select different ones each time. =D

Apart from this, a little showcase of my hamster-related hoards.

The Sylvanian Hamster Family dolls. This reminds me of the Chiko/Naughty generations of hammies. This was brought during the Hamsty era as a symbol of the Hamsty generations.

Hamster stickers and scrub-ons. These manga-likes stickers are really cute and so difficult to find. I still refuse to use them. =D

Hamster tissues. I stumbled upon them in Daiso ($2 cheap shop). It has been in my stash for many years. Co-owner kept on exclaiming: "Use them already, it's just tissues for godsake!" But the whole pack is still unopened as of now. =p

Ooh, and not forgetting the books I have about hamsters. I love to read and like the hammies, I'm curious too. -__-"


wiffy said...

omg where did u buy the 1st toy from? how much as a set? drool at your collection!

kisetsu said...

Haha, you do know I like to shop at Pasir Ris! =D It's the comic shop at Whitesands. You remember that time I mentioned abt the 'missed' one. That time it was sold individually as a cube. This set cost me over $20. Haha. I believe, if can find the individual ones, they should be cheaper. ;)

Paula Regina said...

to envy ... in Brazil has no toys, magazines or stickers on hamsters :(

Paula from Rio/ Brazil

kisetsu said...

Hi Paula nice to know you. =D

Though we do not have much of these stuff, we need to hunt and buy immediately if there is.

ippo456 said...

Waaaa so manyy!!
You know, when the Zhu Zhu pets first came out, I was about to buy the entire set .... until I realized how old I was -__-
I like the Sylvanian Family. I remember that Taka would have the huge house on display, furnished with the furniture *drool*
Too bad they're somewhat expensive.
I'm on a quest to buy this pouch though (when it come back on stock)

kisetsu said...

Haha Ippo, when the Zhu Zhu toys came out, I was telling co-owner maybe we can get it for our hams to play. =D Not feasible, so we scrap the plans! =D

I din buy the Sylvanian Family house ++, too expensive!

Oh, Ippo, if you ever come to tiny island, when you are going off at the airport, drop by Changi Airport T3 basement, a shop called Mini Toon. They sell the hamster stickers there. Just saw them last week while I was there. ;)

ippo456 said...

Aiiyaaaa now you're telling me this when I'm in Stateside! Don't they have Mini Toon on Orchard too? I thought I've seen it someplace else.

kisetsu said...

Wahahaha, Ippo. You gotten the Singlish slang while you are here? Lol.

Erm, well, there are Mini Toons stores all around tiny island, but since you will definitely have to hit Changi Airport, so I just recommend it. Muahaha, well, next time bah. =D