Sunday, December 12, 2010

Angry Hamster Part II

Of late, whenever Earl Grey comes to his food bowl during dinner time, the owner will purposely pick him up when his head dips into his bowl. Of course, this makes the hamster very mad. But Earl Grey is naturally a nice hammie hammie, so he only shows his grumpy face.

Grumpy face

Many attempts one after another, even the little 'Mr Nice Guy' turns Mr Hyde. Earl Grey who never biten anyone before, gave the owner one hard nip on the finger. Ouch! You naughty hammie you!


wiffy said...

"he's a nice guy but he's no pushover". that's what I told my hub when he got nibbed by Mario once for dropping him (and scolded by me too on behalf of Mario) :p

kisetsu said...

Oh! Mario so fierce! And to think I squeezed him like a rubber ball the other time. LoL. Lucky me, he musta be in good mood then. =D

ippo456 said...

O I take that back, your dwarfs are not that small! They're like fat dwarfs, hehe.
Are most of your hamsters pretty tame?

kisetsu said...

Hmmm, photos cannot really picture their life sizes that well. But when Earl Grey weighed a massive 56grams previously, you know how fat he was. =D

I think for most of my male hams, they are generally 10-12cm/4-4.5inches when they are full grown.

And the taming issues. Well, I can say they are generally tame but on ocassions, they can go beserk too. LoL.