Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is That Tubby The Chinny?

This is not related to the hams but... OMG! I thought I saw Tubby and yes, it was indeed Tubby the chin at Cute Overload. Haha.

Tubby the Teacher's Pest?

That's Ippo's chinchilla! So cute.


Paula Regina said...

very sweet and cute!

And smarter than many people I know

His English is better than mine :DDD

masterofboots said...

hey, have you ever seen a hamster just suddenly freeze for minutes and not move at all, even if you stroke it? That day my hamster did it and i almost thought she died. gave me a terrible shock. but she suddenly sprang back to life and acted like nothing happened.

kisetsu said...

Oh yes, all the time! It's normal for them. But to us, they looked like they saw a ghost. They won't budge even if you poke or disturb them. =)

Last time, my ham DLLG gave us the creeps too. It was 7mth at late nite, and this fella stared out towards the window behind our backs with the look of 'I saw something out there!'. Both owners was freaked out in the process! -.-

Paula Regina said...

masterofboots and kisetsu

When this happens, I'll speak softly to them and caressing.
I've read that the heartbeat is accelerated in these episodes than normal and may succumb.

Ah! Happy 2011.

masterofboots said...

thanks! it's good to know that this is common. it was so scary when it happened.

kisetsu said...

Wow Paula, is it really beating fast (the heartbeat)? I will grab one 'victim' to test out soon. =D

ippo456 said...

Hehe you spotted right!!!!
What made you think it was Tubby in the first place?

kisetsu said...

I donno Ippo. The very first sight of the photo, I immediately shouted: "Tubby!" And then I tried to think hard (not looking @ the description below yet) and said "I don't think chinnies will look alike. That face looks so much like Tubby!"

I was right. =)