Saturday, December 4, 2010

Xmas Came Earlier

This year, Christmas came early for the Hamsty hammies. Their Christmas deco is up since the beginning of December.

Well, it's not that I trying to out-win anything. Just that, last year I put on the deco a week before Christmas and the next thing I knew was that I had to remove them back. (>.<) So at least this year, I'll have a whole month to enjoy the deco. =p


n0n0i♥a'n'l said...


Merry Early XMAS Hamsty World XD


So semangat lah.. ~!

kisetsu said...

Haha, Merry Merry Christmas. =D But this year compared to last year, not much vibe. =p

Paula Regina said...

as a tradition in Brazil, adorn the homes Dec. 6 (custom brought by the Europeans/ Portugal).

the Christmas decorations are **beautiful**!

Paula from Rio de Janeiro

masterofboots said...

They make the cages look so pretty!

wiffy said...

so festive! that's my reminder to "touch up" mario's bin! lolz

kisetsu said...

Hi Paula - Oh, that'll be nice. You will have one whole month enjoying the decorations.

MoB & Wiffy - Yes it does brighten up the cage and at minimal cost to my pocket. Haha.