Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eyebag Problems

For those who have dark eye rings and eyebag problem (like the owners), better don't grumble in front of Herbie. She has the worst case. =.=

What happened to my cute little hamster???


masterofboots said...

she became darker!

kisetsu said...

Hur hur. Yah. As expected. Sooner or later, she will turn Sapphire like Skippy. =.=

wiffy said...

omg, heart totally melts!!

kisetsu said...

I on the other hand, heart drops! The thought of her turning grey. =(

Just look at that eyebag. =.=

Paula Regina said...

even without the expected fur color she's so beautiful.

Paula from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil

ippo456 said...

What are you talking about?
She still is cuteee!!!!
Looks like she has those puppy eyes, especially with the eyebag :-)

ps: what digicam do you use?

masterofboots said...

ya, how did you get such sharp shots of your hams? I find that they move too fast, I keep missing all the cutest moments :(

kisetsu said...

Ippo - Just compare Herbie's first photo when she just arrived with this and you can see the diff. She got one black patch on one eye only. Then another patch on the nose. Arrgh. *blabbering from an insane owner* =D

But of cos', she is still a cutie. =D No worries Paula. =D

Ippo/MoB - We used 3 different types of cameras: Canon SX200 (me), Nikon D60 (co-owner) and I can't remember the Fuji cam model which co-owner used.