Sunday, July 13, 2008

Afraid Of Cold

Stubby, on the contrary is very afraid of cold! Once the temperature lowers, he will build up a nest/hideout and burys himself inside. And he doesn't come out at all. (-__-)"

Unlike Sharpie on the other hand, is so happy when we switch on the air-con. He practically sits near the window.


Hamster Hideout said...

Oh hehe, you got the ac already! So cute to see them snuggling in the bedding ^^

kisetsu said...

Yup, they will all get busy building up their nest. I like to distribute the cotton balls to them, they immediately start tearing the wool apart. :p

Only one hammie Sharpie, he's not afraid of cold.

wiffy @ Hamster Hideout said...

Maybe Sharpie has thicker fur (or skin), hehe!

kisetsu said...

Probably high metabolism rate? ^^' he's the first to 'pengz' on hot temperature.