Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fat Ham

Although this post got nothing to do with the Hamsty Family, it is still Hamsty related. This is the co-owner's photos of his mom's pet sapphire dwarf. Crikey, look how fat he is!

"That is the size of a man's hand!"

The mom always used unorthodox ways to train and feed their hammies. But the end results.... Those hammies are really obedient and fat.... :s


Hamster Hideout said...

Fat = obedient? Do fat equates more sluggish movements (looks like more willing to stay on hand)? Hehe... U know, I have a soft spot for fatty male hams ... and they are so squashable, a perfect stress ball XD

dashingblue said...

Oh my gosh oh my gosh! That's precisely what I 'do' to little Mayo! He is sucha cutie, so white, so fat, so round that I love to 'squeeze' his chubby body! ^^ Like you said, squashable! =P Poor ham ham... *giggles*

kisetsu said...

Oh my you two. Haha. :) For me, I rather keep them in shape *promotes healthy lifestyle, like owner like ham*. I like the size of my Sharpie, he's not really fat, but big size. Stout is a better description. He eats alot, but he is not flabby, quite muscular and heavy actually. So I like to throw him up and down. Oops. :p

wiffy @ Hamster Hideout said...

Wahahahaha, throw "up and down"!! I can imagine the "pissed off" look on the ham's face when you're doing that, so cutezzzzzz ^^

kisetsu said...

Oh yeah, they really are quite pissed. The older hams were used to it but Mochi nips me everytime I does that. Heehee.

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