Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Relocations & Upgradings Part IV

Everytime when it's cleaning day, there sure will be alot of nagging/cussing/complaining from the owner. Especially when it comes to the robos' cage.

Upon 2 unclips, the whole cage fell apart. And if it is not enough, the assembling takes its toll of the goon owner who will constantly mumble "Stupid cage.... Lousy design..... @#%&*$!" After 5 mins of assembling..... "wtf.... Damn design!" Another 15 mins later, "I GIVE UP!" and she will shove the cage to the co-owner to assemble.

So after 2 months of savings (yeah yeah, adults also have financial difficulties too), finally bought a new cage for them. Have been eyeing on it since I first saw it but it was too expensive. The best feature is that it is so easy to assemble. Robbie and Rubie like it alot and it has more space for them to run around. :)

Now that the new cage is in place, I thought of throwing away the old Wild cage. Then again as I packed it up, I felt that it is such a waste to throw away cos' it is still in useable condition. And on top of that, sentimental value. This cage was almost 7 years old and I bought it for my first robo Mr Roboski. After his passing, many hamsters have stayed in it until Robbie & Rubie's turn.
Great, now I don't know what to do with it.


Ippo said...

That is such a cute cage & the beddings are colorful too!
I think Japan has the cutest things, even if they're almost pointless sometimes.
I've never had a degu, but I'm guessing they're pretty much like chins. They're fast, they jump everywhere, social animals, but you have to take your time to get to know them.

kisetsu said...

Oh yeah, I agreed and sometimes it is not functional at all... -.-" It may looks pretty and cute but it is a whole lot of trouble.

I saw the picture of them piling up to sleep together is sooo cute. :)

wiffy @ Hamster Hideout said...

U can use it as a spare cage, or a temporary place to hold them during cage cleaning? Yep, sometimes I can't bear to try their stuff away too, especially those with their bite marks on :P The new cage is so colourful ^^

kisetsu said...

If I'm not wrong, the name of the cage is called rainbow cage. Suits the robos, as they are so cheery.

My home is really like a junkyard.... *faintz*