Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazing Around

As I am typing my entries and busy working on my laptop, our little boy Mochi lay cozily beside me on the bed. He is also clever enough to use my box of DVDs as his headrest. Hmmm, smart boy.


Ippo456 said...

I can't believe how tame your hammies are! Wouldn't they run away if they let them out of the cage?

kisetsu said...

They're sneaky I tell ya'. If undersupervised, they will escape just like how Spritez did. But I like the thot of a hamster sleeping on my bed and I would like them to be like my RIP Stiggy who can just lay on my bed while I'm working on my laptop. :)

wiffy said...

wah so tame!!! must teach us how u do that!!! hehe

Me have the same feelings too... whenever I am working frantically, I peeked at sleepy neko doing nothing but resting and eating, and I wonder ... it's a hamster's life :D

kisetsu said...

Just let them roam on the bed more often. Once they get used to it, they will just lay there like the bed is theirs. Heh heh.

wiffy said...

When neko just came to me, there was once I let him roam on my bed ... and he peed on the mattress! =O this is the first time a tame hamster peed when outside, we call him a pee-the-tic ham =D luckily there is mattress protector so the mattress isn't ruined. Now, I know how to see his face... if he wants to pee, he will display an 'urgent' look and I will quickly 'throw' him back to his cage =D

kisetsu said...

Wow, Neko so cute. Haha, you can spot his urgent look. I never come across my hammies with that look before. Sooo cute! xD

Errr, a hamster's pee is ok. Better than a guinea piggy's one. DashingBlue will be able to identify that. Haha.

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