Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photoshoot Again

Today's photoshoot was a success with co-owner's SLR. Presenting the two cute girls, Spritez and Baby Mott. (^.^)v

Maybe I could send them to join next month's HH Hamster of the Month contest. =)


dashingblue said...

Oh my gosh! Spritez! Is that you??? Your face is so round and cute!

What is SLR? New camera? =) The photos are really nice!

kisetsu said...

Yup, that is Spritez. She is actually a very beautiful hammie. Big eyes, stubby nosey, round face. My type of hamster's beauty. =)

Thot of writing what is a SLR, but I think it would be too long. You can read it here:-

Ippo456 said...

OOoo yaaa, you should enter for next month's hamster of the month contest.
You should try to get a bunch of pictures, make a 2009 calender with them :-)

kisetsu said...

Too bad due to electronic stuff these days, I am too dependent on my handphone and PC calendar. You'll be surprised that I don't have a tabletop/wall calendar in my room. :-)

I could do a Hamsty collage in my desktop though. ^^ Thanks for the recommendation.

wiffy said...

aiyooo super cute leh! must join!! muhahaha! lovely photography

kisetsu said...

I'll take them to the Dec one. :)