Wednesday, November 26, 2008

White Retardy Came To Visit

A few weeks back, White Retardy came back to visit his brothers and the new hammies staying at this Hamsty Avenue. What has he gotta say?


Along with him are his mother-in-law, wife Oreo and friend Vivi. Oreo sure looked happy playing in the playpen. Tardy went around for while and soon (as usual) gotten bored.

Little cookie on the cosy armchair

Vivi is significantly bigger and heavier. Co-owner hoard over her for a long time before passing to me. Little Vivi is so tame that she could sit so still in my lap. Retardy's MIL was happily playing with Hamlet and teasing her until I could see Hamlet going: "Help help" when she was being squashed. Haha.

"Viva la Vivi!"

Then suddenly I felt a hot strip on my thigh thinking it was probably Vivi's paw scratching on me, when it dawned on me something was wrong. Eyes wide open, face curled up, I looked at Tardy's MIL: "Pee pee!" :( At that moment, I suddenly have that maternal instinct of a child wetting the diaper. Co-owner and Tardy's MIL looked onto the bed and confirmed Vivi indeed peeped on me. (T_T) And so, the day ended with me sending them off in soiled shorts. When I returned home, co-owner was smugging and sniggering away while the rest of the hammies looked at me.

"We are never gonna have a guinea piggy." Much to co-owner's dismay and the hammies' pleasure.
"Haha, someone got peed at." (^__^)
"Never mind, the soiled section on the bed is on the side where you sleep. Not my problem."

Muahahaha, I got the last laugh. :)


wiffy said...

Hamster "visiting" sounds so fun and interesting!

Everytime I see cute Vivi pics and hear about Vivi's tameness, I feel tempted to get a guinea piggy =D I heard that peeing on u is a sign of affection? =x keke

Ippo456 said...

Aww! Do you have playdates for the hammies?

kisetsu said...

Heh heh, Wiffy, are you sure it is a sign of affection. For that moment I can feel what is she thinking. :)

A guinea pig is out of question for now cos' I don't have the space to keep one. But they are really tame. :)

We just happen to stay near each other and hence able to meet up. :)