Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting A Tan?

Just a few weeks ago, we noticed that Ringo's fur is getting whiter. Her color turned lighter. Then all of the sudden, we found her to be very very black! :s Probably the daylight is brighter these days and hence she turned darker?

Hmmm, we always have our WWs turning into lighter colors but not turning darker. She's the first. 'Chan Mali Chan', please turn white again, you don't look cute in this dark furcoat. :(


wiffy said...

yes me too, I saw ww going to winter coat but not the other way round. but black black also cute ... why you don't like? she can pass off as a black bear campbell now hehe

kisetsu said...

She can pass off as a black winter white. =)

Well, she looks cuter with more white because 1. She got that white eyebrow area on her face & she looks cheery. 2. She got a set of beautiful big eyes, when the surrounding area is dark, her whole face is dark. The big eyes look small now.

And with her temper, yup, she looks moody. Almost like Justice Bao! She is showing us her temper yesterday. Donno why.

dashingblue said...

Wow! She is really dark now... Looks super different! =X

Ippo said...

Why do some hamsters change color?
I still don't understand why the dwarf campbells change color.
Is it to camouflage themselves against predators?

kisetsu said...

Ippo, you are right. To guard against predator. I'm not sure abt campbells but WWs change color.

Usually they change their color coat to lighter color or totally white during winter (to match the color of snow) and to camouflage themselves. Hence, they got their name WinterWhites.

Ippo said...

You can no longer see the white dorsal stripe on Dee Dee (my black dwarf Campbell) anymore.
She has 'silvered.'
You don't have any dwarf Campbells?
So are all your hamsters either Winter Whites or Robos?

kisetsu said...

I don't have any RC. Only have syrians, robos and WWs.