Saturday, November 8, 2008

Very Upset

The stupid co-owner hurled his abuse towards Ringo chan this afternoon when I insisted he cleans their cage. Because of his mistreatment, Ringo was soooo upset that she refused to eat her dinner and sulked at one corner. Despite hand-feeding her (favourite) sunflower seeds, she took quite long before reluctantly accept it. For a very long time, I had to coax and pacify her to at least have some movements.

Ringo chan, your dinner's here....

Ringo chan chan, why are you not eating????


Chan Mali Chan, why are you keep sitting at the corner....


I pulled co-owner to pacify her in which co-owner tried to pat her, Ringo went into defensive mode and almost biting him. Very good! So angry with co-owner for his bias-ness! -.-"


dashingblue said...

Bwah~ Ringo sure knows who treats her badly... What happened to the co-owner? O.o He likes Cherry too much until poor Ringo feels the pinch of jealousy? O.o

kisetsu said...

This morning he saw Ringo disturbing Tardy until Tardy squeak. So while changing their beddings, he was very harsh on her. -.-"

Never be too harsh on hamsters, they knows and they got temper too. :) I would say: "orh-bee-good" to him. =p

Yah, when it comes to Cherry, his tone change... -.-

wiffy said...

yes hamsters know our tone whether we are praising them or scolding them ... so cannot anyhow hurl 'ham-nimal ham-buse' at them, hehehe... Ringo is so smart! =D

kisetsu said...

She knows! And I think she is now very wary of the co-owner. Heh heh.

Ippo said...

Uh oh!
Good thing you came to Ringo's rescue with some sunflower seeds :-)

kisetsu said...

It's a half an hour coaxing. :s

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