Saturday, November 22, 2008


The other day Mochi was let out on the bed. He ran and climbed all over the bed excitedly. Soon, we started noticing that he was sort of looking for a hideout. Tired out from all the running, he was pretty exhausted. He digged under my T-shirt on the bed and concussed.

He is just too cute when he sleeps like a pig. =)


dashingblue said...

*snore snore* ^^

Mochi's action reminds me of Apple! He loves to find a hiding place under my blanket on my bed too! =D

kisetsu said...

*snore snore* sounded like Ringo chan. :D

I like hamster sleeping on my bed. :) Cos' they seldom do that. Fatty was the only one who did that previously, but now I think I have another Mochi doing the same. Very cute to see them sleeping soundly.

Ippo456 said...

So cuuteee!!
I can't believe he didn't try to escape from the bed.
If it were my hamsters, they would try to fall from the bed already.

kisetsu said...

Yup, most of the hammies will jump off the bed but I got 2 hamsters who can do this. :)

wiffy said...

How u made your hamsters rest and sleep outside! the photos are great ... I really love your new style of ham photography :)

kisetsu said...

My new photography style? Err, not really lah. It's just nice I got a good lighting and colors at that time. I still have a long way to go in doing good shots.

Wiffy, care to teach me on some photography skills? ;p