Friday, October 31, 2008

My Hammies Taught Me This

When I am a baby, protect me from harm.
Because I cannot defend for myself.
When I am young and able, give me freedom & space.
Because I have the vigor & engery to roam around to explore.
When I am old, stay by my side & keep me company.
So that I know that you are always there as my friend.


dashingblue said...

I love these words... =)

Ippo said...

Aaww! How sweet :-)

wiffy said...

how true! xoxo
Neko is now entering old age ... and I just want to keep him company everyday :)

kisetsu said...

I can see Neko is getting older judging by his size.

Right now, I can feel Whitehead really appreciate my presence with him everyday. I will spend time talking to him and pat his head and he likes it, so is Tardy. Most of my old (RIP) hammies also.