Sunday, October 19, 2008

7th Month Mystery Debunked

Then came one quiet late night, the old man sitting at the hall watching horror film. And like the usual, screams and the movie's deadly music made the mood creepy. Down further into the light, our big girl Hamlet was minding her own business and doing her usual night run.... Suddenly Hamlet stopped short of what she was doing, ears wide open listening. The owner looking at her also froze. There really was a sound of wheel grinding. (o.O) Both ham and owner looked at each other. Soon, squeaks were softly heard...... Goose bumps felt on both ham and owner.

Not.... Shortly tracing back to how the sounds were developed proved factual. Tracing back to the sound of a similar wheel grinding noise came from an abandoned grill carrier that was placed inside a plastic tank. The vibration of the steel grill was emphasized by the echo of the plastic tank and hence producing the noise. Whenever there was movement, the shocks sent up to the tank and produce the vibrations. So this was what the old man heard as hamster running the wheel. Mystery no. 1 debunked.

The soft squeaks that was heard was Ringo and Tardy inside the bedroom. With the bedroom door closed shut, their squeaks were soften and hence sounded like it was coming from the hallway. Mystery no. 2 debunked. By now, Hamlet should be thinking that it was time for her cage to be moved into the bedroom. Not yet.

Later into the dead of the night, the owner came out. Shadows darting across the floor! (o.O) Yikes!!!!!!! Big LIZARDS. Eeeek! Hamlet looked amused at the owner jumping around. That does it, the 3rd mystery debunked. So this was what the old man had mistakenly seen and thought there were hamsters roaming around. Please, buy the lizards' poison to get rid of these pests. :(

As such, we bought a quiet wheel for Hamlet so that she could come back to stay with us in the room, lest she started fighting with those pests or the pests disturbing her.


Ippo said...

Yea .. a quiet wheel is important, especially when you have so many hamsters.
Did you find a lizard lizard or a gecko?
You should've saved this post until Halloween :-)

kisetsu said...

Yeah, we often have to replace the original wheels that come with the cage to better ones.

It's those house lizards. We have lotsa them especially in older estates. They're everywhere. I'm very terrified of them. Eeeks.

Oh, I don't celebrate halloween. When is halloween? This post is the answers to the 7th Month Hungry Ghost post which I have delayed for so long. :p

wiffy said...

hehehe, everything is debunked, I'm 'almost' disappointed. wonder how it is like if one of our past hamsters return to 'visit' :P will it be sweet or scary?? lizards traps are kinda gross :P Halloween is 31 Oct, I don't celebrate, but thinking of buying a pumpkin to carve :P

kisetsu said...

Haha. But I always had dreams of them eventhough they passed on. And the next day I would be very very happy. Probably that is their so called 'visits' bah. :)

Was rather surprised to find out that it was this vibration thing that cause the eerie wheel sound. :D

Wiffy, whip out a halloween dish! :) I'm sure you can! And it would be very creative and yummy to read about it! :)...

Ippo said...

Ooo those are geckos :-)
Halloween is on the 31st of October.
I'm also grossed out by those geckos.
Especially when you try to kill them, but you missed & cut the tail, it still wiggles euw!

kisetsu said...

Eeeeks. Don't tell me!!!! :>

So Ippo, giving your Chins & Hams trick or treat session? :)