Sunday, October 5, 2008

Farewell Sharpie

Sharpie passed on just now while I was away from home. Sigh~ I couldn't send him off over his final moment. :( However, I'm glad that I made the right choice to forgo all my activities and stayed home over the weekend and spent most of the time with him. This morning he was still breathing and co-owner even change the beddings for him. I guess his time was indeed up. Sharpie was also near 2yrs 2mths.

He gotten weak since Friday.

The size of his tumor had grown very big, Sharpie being the gungho hammie had endured long enough and he was always so chirpy, protesting for his dinner. Always masking his pain from us.

Made Sharpie a blanket from the cotton balls.

Sharpie boy, your pain is finally over. I hope you will be happy over the rainbow bridge at Sunflower Valley. May you find your brother DLLG and family to live happily. Don't forget to look down on your brother Yoshi who is still healthy and pray he will last till his 3rd birthday. :)


dashingblue said...

Sharpie is gone... =( You will be missed little one...

Now left Yoshi, Retardy White and Timid and who is the last hammie? O.o

That is a real nice blanket you made for Sharpie, looks comfy! ^^

wiffy said...

Sharpie has a good life with you. I enjoyed reading about Sharpie on your blog. Now Sharpie is playing happily at the Sunflower with the rest of the hamhams (hopefully he meet my dear hams too). Take care

kisetsu said...

The tumor on Sharpie really grew big. It also pains me to see him having problems moving around. Yet he was still so strong as if nothing happened. Haiz. My most intelligent hammie. :(

Left 4 descendents. Whitehead will be the oldest now (he's Stubby's brother) and you guess correctly the other 3, Jac. :D

dashingblue said...

Was Sharpie also the one who knows how to slide down from his butt on your lap to the floor?

Oh! The whitehead you said who looks like Mayo? =P Post more on him, I want to see the little whitehead... ^^

kisetsu said...

Yup, Sharpie is the one who did the butt-down way of sliding. :( No other hammies do that 'cept for him.

Oh Whitehead. Yah, I have not beening taking photos of him. Whitehead is the one featured in "The Eye". That's him. :p He's quite a loner actually. Don't like hugs, but appreciate a rub on his head. :p

Ippo said...

Aaawww I'm sorry about Sharpie.
I'm sure he's had a full live with you.
The blanket looks real cute.

kisetsu said...

The aftermath is always the painful one. Like seeing a similar ham or ham stunts that reminds me of my RIP hammies. Haiz, really wish they are here with me.

Haha. I unrolled 2 marukan cotton balls and crisscross them at the edge. Turned out to be quite a cozy blanket. But Sharpie din like it much. He disliked to be hot. :p