Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mating Season Starts Again

Caution: Hamster below the age of 5 months are not allowed to read & view due to pornographic descriptions & sexual images.

Sometimes when Ringo's temper is stable, we let the 2 of them together. The problem lies with Ringo, she is at times very hostile towards Tardy but some times, she's ok. In order to protect Timid Tardy (henpecked husband), we decided to put them behind "bars".

In one of the outings at the playpen, it seems like hanky panky is going on. The vid is an example of how an inexperience ham performing his 'first time'.

Though the video did not capture their actions up to the end, Tardy eventually 'succeeded'. As he bumped hard in, Tardy went weak and when the deed was done, he dropped dead to the floor motionless with his eyes wide open. I thought he had a cardiac arrest or something (afterall he's old) and went forward to call him. He tilted his head up looking at me sheepishly and got up to clean himself. Woah Tardy, you're no longer a virgin hammie. :D


dashingblue said...

Bwah! Now I can see the size difference between Ringo Chan and Tardy! O.o She is so fat!

Is she even bigger than plump Mayo? =P

Haha~ Your this 'porn' video makes me wonder if I should upload Oreo and Tardy's one. So weird! Haha! >.<

kisetsu said...

See, I'm not wrong to call her fatso cos' she really is huge. (=.=) Geez, am I too good to my hamsters that some became obese! (o.O) Ruddie became the fattest robo, now Ringo becomes the fattest WW. (O.O)?

Hahaha. Oh dear, what have we become? Hahaha. :p

wiffy said...

omg she is really big compared to Tardy! Does it mean there will be bb hams soon? ;p

dashingblue said...

The owner who gives in to her hamsters too much. Hahaha~

I do that to Mayo. Whenever, I don't put too much food inside the food bowl as an attempt to stop his bad habit, he ended up losing weight and begging me for more food even though he still has food in his cheekpouch! I just don't understand why... O.o

Spoilt cute hamster. =P

Ippo said...

Tardy is so funny! He doesn't know where to aim :p
And Ringo is so fat!

kisetsu said...

I'm not sure whether will there be babies (afterall it's Tardy's first time, might not get it right). But I'll be reserving 3 spare cages for the next few weeks. :)

Yup, anyhow aim. No wonder sometimes Ringo is so fed up with him. :p

Think Ringo & Mayo has a common habit: food. Just that Ringo does not store food in her cheekpouches. She eats them all up! (o.O)'

dashingblue said...

Bwah! Ringo must have a huge food capacity in her tummy! O.o

kisetsu said...

That's why she is bigger than Mayo. :D