Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Thots



What are you thinking about Timid Tardy? My little boy is quite weak now. :(


wiffy said...

Hi what happened? Hope Tardy is ok. I will keep him in my thoughts. And thanks for your kind words about Nikole.

dashingblue said...

Tardy here also looks like the same as Tardy... He already has slight bald patches on his thigh... But recently, I spotted him still very s-active! O.o Woah~

kisetsu said...

Tardy is kindda weak, every few steps he will fall down. He's still eating though. I fear for the worst.

The last three of my hamsty generation, trying to keep them as long as I can. :(

dashingblue said...

Is Ringo pregnant? I hope she is so your hamsty generation will have descendants... =(

Ippo said...

Aw I think Timid Tardy is cute.
He looks quite skinny though.
How old is he?

dashingblue said...

Whitehead is still going strong? =) A really amazing and healthy hamster.

kisetsu said...

No, the fatso is not preggy but fat... :( And I don't allow them to have another go anymore because Timid Tardy is getting weaker. For now they are staying side by side with the separator.

Tardy is 2years 2mths now. Surprisingly Whitehead is better but also a little weak. I am monitoring the 2 of them everyday as they are my last descendents of Hamsty. Whitehead has been thru' alot and he fought thru' his life. I hope he could stay longer than his brothers.

Seriously sounded like the movie 'The Last Of The Hamhigans'. Sigh~

wiffy said...

dun be worried or sad... treasure the time we have with our little furfriends... we have to be strong and happy for them ^^