Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Adoptees

What a goon! For months I kept thinking that there isn't any hammies on the adoption list in SPCA. It was the last few weeks, did I realise that actually there is a separate page for small animals (I kept looking at the dogs page on the revamped site. -.-"). Since Stubby had passed on, I now have a spare cage for a new kid.

So off to the SPCA today. My intention was to adopt one. All the hammies there were like doing stunts and saying: "Me! Pick me! Me me me." I decided to take a 1 yr old normal WW because she looked very much like Fatty. But while I was talking to the staff there, Tardy's mother-in-law spotted a sweet 3 weeks old WW who is sooo tame which we couldn't resist. I ended up adopting 2 hammies instead of one. So here they are:

Her SPCA name is "Mi", I decided to call her Spritez.

Her SPCA name is "Lulu". I think I call her Cherry aka Tammi

After coming back home, found Sharpie has passed on. With his passing, I now have 3 cages available. Though I wanted to leave his cage off for mourning, the co-owner decided to let her occupy it. Tam, you are lucky. :) We will mourn for Sharpie at this site for 4 days instead. :)


dashingblue said...

Wah! You sure thought up of their names very fast! Hehe~

I like the name Cherry aka Tammi (pronounced as Tam-mi right and not tame-mi like I did just now =.=) Haha~ Should add QQ to become Cherry QQ! The cutesy car! Haha~ ^^

It was an eye opener for me today to see how the adoption of the hamsters went today... Last time I went to spca only to "see see". ^^

I still miss the super fluff ball angora rabbit!!! Ya, and you miss the little tame crossed-dwarf lionhead rabbit. Hehe~ ^^

dashingblue said...

I thought the name Mi belongs to Cherry. O.o Because it sounded like a short version of mini. =P

Spritez who kept biting on the grills when he saw us was probably saying, "Pick Mi! Pick Mi (Me)!"


noobcook said...

How sweet of your to adopt, you are so kind ^_^ they are adorable, can't wait to hear more about the latest stars of HHW ;D

kisetsu said...

Hey Jac, you called her Timothy. Haha. I wanted to call her Tam-mi but co-owner said lame. :( He wants something cuter to suit her. So since she is so friendly & sweet, decided to call her Cherry instead.

There are so many more hamsters there. Wish I could bring them all home. There's a sapphire who do chin-ups to capture our attention. So cute. Can't do much help cos' I don't have much good cages to adopt more.

Yeah, the rabbits are so cute. Becky the lionhead is so friendly. :p

kisetsu said...

I still couldn't stop laughing abt the questions the staff posed to me.

"Do your parents know you are adopting pets?"

I was like huh?

"Are you still schooling?"

I lagi huh?!

Do I look like a kid? I'm growing lotsa white hair already. Wahaha.

wiffy said...

oh good, that shows u look young! oh paiseh, earlier I din sign off as wiffy ... my auto complete uses my noobcook profile instead, keke...

peeked into your other site today... woah I didn't know you are so sporty! *cheers* put me to shame coz I am not very outdoors, hee...

I'm so tempted when I hear about the sapphire at SPCA. But I can't adopt many coz it's a headache to look for ham sitters when I travel. I think I shall look at SPCA (like u) or other adoption avenues the next time I need hamsters :)

kisetsu said...

Hey, Wiffy it's ok. You are known as HH, Noobcook and Wiffy. Understood already. :)

Oh, Heh heh, that's my diary. It's all abt my activities but I'm always too lazy to update. HHW is all abt my hamsters and hamster stuff. The other one is abt me (very boring one). :p

I am amazed. The hamster section is very well maintained now and all the hammies are very well-fed there. Hopefully they can find good owners soon.

This is the 2nd time I adopt a ham there. The 1st time no one asked me questions. I'm so surprised that lady asked me all these. Donno how to answer her *blank look*. Hahaha.

Ippo said...

Yay for adopting!!!
I'm glad that you came home with those 2 hammies. I'm sure that they'll be happy with you!
So how many hamsters do you have now?

kisetsu said...

Still 11. I think it is best to maintain at this number. Easier for me to take care of each ham.

Spritez is still a little wary of the new environment. Hope she get used to us soon.

Ippo said...

Still 11?! Haha! More like "wwooaa! 11?!"

kisetsu said...
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