Thursday, October 9, 2008

Whitehead Boy

Whitehead! Pee Pee King! People actually request for your photos. :)

As usual, he doesn't like to entertain much. He is now the oldest among the Hamsty generation.


dashingblue said...

Whitehead looks very much like Mayo! ^^ White white fat fat de!

How come he looks so different from Tardy? Makes me seems like Tardy is aging faster than usual. O.o Or I am just dreaming it up? Sob~

kisetsu said...

Whitehead is no longer fat anymore. He is probably a little skinner than Tardy. His bottom is almost half furless. But Whitehead is still active though he limps abit when moving around.

He's photogenic on photos but not in person.

Ippo said...

So cute & white!
The name Whitehead reminds me of facial whiteheads haha!

wiffy said...

He is adorable hehe ... I'm sure I will find him adorable in real life too ;p

kisetsu said...

Oh, Whitehead the name derives from the fact that his head is all white. Before Yoshi & Tardy, this twins is the only pair that do not have black fur patches on their head. Hence the name.

He's adorable, but a loner at times. (o.O)