Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Self Sufficient

Mochi is very self sufficient. He is seriously military trained... While the rest of the hammies depend on their food bowl to store food/provide food, Mochi is always stuffing his cheek pouches when new rations are given.

He is such a small hammie and with his bloated cheek pouches, he looks like a cobra head. Wahaha.


wiffy said...

hehe mochi is a clever boy ... and he has grown a bit, especially his head, keke

kisetsu said...

To think that he was a baby a few months back. He really has grown. But he still sleeps like a baby. A very sleepy ham. :)

dashingblue said...

Haha~ Cute! Hopefully he will not stuff his food in his cheekpouch until it 'expire'. =X Haha~

kisetsu said...

Oh, I hope not. Please Mochi don't ever do that.... :x

Ippo said...

Hahaha that's like my robo hamsters.
It's amazing they can stuff so much things in their pouches!

kisetsu said...

Really Ippo. That's cute for robos to have big pouches. :) If you have photos to show, would love to see it. :p My two don't have the habit of stuffing their pouches. They relied on their food bowl instead. (-.-)

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