Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Tribute To My Beloved Yoshi

Yoshi was an extraordinary hamster. He bore the resemblance of his mother more than Chiko eventhough he was pearl white. He had his mother features that made him looked extremely feminine. Very well behaved and one of my cleanest hammie whom I called an 'otomen'.

He was a very active hamster who loved running. When we had the playpen set up, he was the one always running around non-stop (although in circles) and it was up all round the whole night kind of affair. So most nights, there would be skitters sound made by him when he ran on the newspapers.

Weeks ago, I took the video of him running and as well as some photos which I did not jot down due to my absence. Guess it's too late now, Yoshi is in Sunflower Valley over the rainbow bridge. Wonder would he sees this.

Close up on cute Yoshi in the playpen taking a rest.

"Hey, stop snapping at me would you!!"

A very irritated Yoshi looking at me. Not happy with the camera snapping.

Yoshi would like to run non-stop for a long time before stopping to rest. He treated the playpen as his own cage, so we usually left him in the playpen overnight. Though he had ran throughout the whole night, he was always unreluctant to go home in the morning. Everytime after dinner, he would stood near the door waiting for a chance to go to the playpen.
How ironic can life be. Just when I finally finished the long delayed video and hit the publish button, I happily ran over wanting to tell Yoshi that I made a cute video of him. I found him curled up in his foodbowl. It was unusual to find him sleeping on his food cos' he was always particular about hygiene. I started poking him on the butt asking him why. He did not response and I knew he was up. :(

I picked up the bowl and used the cotton to keep him warm. For an hour, he kept his eyes closed albeit a little difficulties in breathing. Then he sat up and started eating his food!!! (O.O) "Yoshi, if you have strength, die another day would you?" He continued munching and then dropped back to his weak sleeping position. An hour passed, thinking it would be a matter of time now, I constantly covered him with the cotton which he twitched around. Suddenly Yoshi stood up!! (o.O)' He climbed out of the bowl onto the floor and headed to the playpen direction slowly. I placed him inside and he mastered all his strength and tried to run his rounds. At this time it was quite heartbreaking to see him does that. He was limping as he moved round the playpen. It was like he was fulfilling his death wishes before his time came.
Finally after a few rounds, he seemed to know that his time was up and he went into the tent. I stuff him lotsa cotton and kept talking to him. He looked disturb about my presence and I put up the tissue to seal the entrance and let him passed on in peace.

I'm not sure what time he eventually passed on, at 3am he was still breathing. When the morning came, we found him stiff. Which probably meant he died around 4-6am.

Rest in peace my boy. You have done what you wanted. Hope you'll find your brother Sharpie and DLLG over there. :..(


wiffy said...

Nooo, not Yoshi :~( I feel so sad after reading this, especially since I was just enjoying his running video just so recently. You are a really good owner (and friend) to Yoshi (and all your other hams), Yoshi knows it, and he is watching over you now. I'm glad you got to comfort Yoshi before he left, and he also had a chance to run around his playpen one last time. He will be missed.

kisetsu said...

I was quite shocked too. It was like so sudden. He was the one I thought might outlive his brothers cos' Yoshi was still fit (not at all scrawny or weak).

Haiz, 3 hams together in a row. This is really bad..... :(

dashingblue said...

Yoshi was a beautiful boy. =( So sad that he has passed on now... I will miss him... I like how he is so particular about hygiene, so rare to have hamsters like that. I wish Mayo is like that too! O.o Haha~

I understand, 3 hamsters went to the Rainbow Bridge all of a sudden. It felt like a big hit. =( Hope you are better...

kisetsu said...

He was sooo clean, I am surprised too Jac. See, even White Tardy is starting to get yellow. :)

Really, I am attracting too much attention in my neighbourhood. People keep seeing us digging holes so frequently. Hope no one complains to Town Coucil etc... :( The hamsty cemetery is quite full too.

Ippo said...

Aaww reading this is so sad!
At least you knew it was his time & kept him company until the end.

kisetsu said...

I usually will keep vigilant over my dying hamsters unless they passed on when I'm not around. That's moment is always the most difficult.

But funny, most of my hamsters do not like to be accompanied when they know they are moving off. It's probably their basic animal instinct. Hmm.

dashingblue said...

Haha~ You should have seen Oreo trying to groom him once in a while. =P

Actually, it's ok... Try to do it when there are not many people around... When something dies, we all go back to the nature... =)

I rather they get proper soil burial then just dump the bodies down the rubbish chute. It is the respect we give our pets so I don't really care much about legal or not... I am sure the people will understand...

kisetsu said...

Oreo must be saying: "Could you stop being such a sloppy old man!" :p

It's lucky that the grass patch in that area grows very fast and till now no one does any other digging (except for us). There are many children playing around there and I don't want their parents to freak out. (o.O)

dashingblue said...

Hahaha! Tardy is spoilt. He just loves how Oreo grooms him... I have seen him getting so comfy that his body went soft and eyes closed. ^^

It is funny how hamsters are like the humans too. The guys are always so sloppy and the girls will always complain and tries to adjust the tie, polish the shoes and so on...

Haha! =P

Anonymous said...

Hi , may I know where you bought the bars for your playpen ?