Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guilty As Charge

You know Ringo, you always say we are unfair to you when we discipline you. See for yourself on your own behaviour. It's a big 'no no' at Hamsty World. All hamsters must live in safe, peaceful environment. NO STEALING! Especially from your husband next door. -.-"



Ippo said...

HAha what is that Ringo trying to steal?

dashingblue said...

She has a weakness for food. ^^

wiffy said...

wahaha so cute!! Caught in the act, and your crime exposed on the world wide web, ringo chan! XD Is this a split screen ab cage?

kisetsu said...

Ringo is trying to steal a hamster nuts treat from Tardy staying on the other side. Eventhough she has her share, she decides to take Tardy's one when he is away. Bad hammie.

Ha! Jac, you're right, she is very greedy when it comes to food. That's the treat you gave. I broke it to smaller pieces.

Wiffy, that's not the split screen cage. I'm thinking of buying that because I don't forsee the 2 can stay in harmony without the separator. This is the smaller one and it's too small. Haiz, this two fellas.

Ippo said...

Yea, that's what I'm afraid of.
Even if Winnie does make it through surgery, I don't know Whether Winnie will recover or not.

kisetsu said...

We will pray for Winnie to get well. Hopefully surgery is not necessary and pineapple juice can be a cure for her. She is still young. :)

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