Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Escape Artiste In The Making

Baby Mott is a dangerous hammie. When no one is looking, she will try to escape. Congrats Mott, you have conquered Mt Playpen Fence!

Wonder why female hamsters are a better climbers than male. Or probably my boys aren't interested in rockclimbing. They focus more on marathon running??


wiffy said...

body so short but managed to scale upwards, baby mott is talented hehe ... now that you mention it, yes my girls seemed better climbers than the boys too, hmm

kisetsu said...

oh! (O.o) So really females climb better. I am just curious abt the trend. Most of the gals are very good in climbing (except for Ringo who now cannot climb =.=). Robo, WW & Syrian.

kisetsu said...

Yup Jac because of her size.

Saw your msg. :)

Ippo said...

Because the male bum-bums are heavy haha! So the males would have to have more upper body strength if they want to climb over the playpen :-)

kisetsu said...

Oh haha, I got your meaning Ippo. Hee hee. Well said! ;x

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