Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Surprise Surprise

Oh! What a pleasant discovery! See that?

Couldn't make out what's that lump of things? It's R & R sleeping together!!! Yay!

Well you know Rubie and Robbie always cannot get along together. Since Rubie was introduced to Robbie, they never slept together in a bundle before. Each of them has a rule. "If I sleep on the right, you sleep on the left". So they always divide the cage territory for their sleep. Wow, so now they are getting more accommodating to each other. It's a good sign. :)


wiffy said...

aww so sweet, hehe

dashingblue said...

Oreo loves to sleep on top of Tardy... It was so sweet! ^^

kisetsu said...

Izzit!! :) I never see Oreo did that while the two were in my care. Wow, so lovey nowadays. (^^)

Ippo said...

Ooo that's interesting.
I thought that since they share a cage, they'd automatically bundle together to sleep.

kisetsu said...

Not really cos' Rubie was introduced after Ruddie passed on. So Robbie wasn't that close to her.

Ippo, did you see a robo squabble before? So cute. They stand up on their hind legs facing each other. The one who falls backward is the loser and will scram. Heehee.