Monday, October 6, 2008

White Retardy's Photoshoot

Retardy's mother-in-law actually did a photoshoot for Tardy. Haha. Looks very the bridal right? :p

I didn't know that Tardy can act so cute. Haha.

His whiskers view. Wahahaha.

He looks like a baby ham. Now it reminds me of him when he was a baby. He was so cute back then. :p


wiffy said...

aiyooo... so cute!! He is still cute now what, hehe ... retardy's MIL = dashingblue right? Love the photoshoot ^^

dashingblue said...

Yep~ That's me. ^^

Bridal! Hmmm... Maybe I can do a bridal shoot for the couple someday! I realised they never had a proper wedding shoot or something. =P And it is coming their 1st wedding anniversary. See what I can think of~ ^^

Ippo said...

How tammee!!! You must tell me how to tame him like that! I like his long white whiskers :-)
Are those dried rosebuds?
Can hammies eat dried rosebuds?

kisetsu said...

Haha, Wiffy you always give the short names. MIL. Tardy is very scrawny in person now. But he managed to look good in photos. Hur hur, he must be posing hard.

Jac, you are always so creative. Proper wedding shoot? Think it will take a long time to get the 2 of them in poses. :D

Ippo, bribery works with hamsters. This is my first step to get them to know I am a friend who feed them. :p

I never feed my hammies with flowers but according to Jac, Tardy eats the rosebuds? Reminds me last time when Stiggy roamed around my flower bouquet, he actually nipped the petals. I was like: "HELL NOOOOOO!" Hahaha. :)

dashingblue said...

Tardy still has a cute baby face when you look at him from the front. =)

I know... I remembered how we tried to take photos of the two during their birthday month and it was "disaster". O.o Wahahahaha~ But I will try... Giving them their favourite food each can help... Heh!

Bribery! Hahaha~ Nice one.

Think so. It was the Jolly Pets brand. Meant for rabbits, guinea pigs and so on... Mayo and Oreo never even bite on the buds except for Tardy who nipped just a little. As mummy said rose buds are "liang" (cooling) in nature, avoid giving the pets too many buds. In fact, I only used the buds to take photos of the hamsters that day! Hehe~ =)

kisetsu said...

Most of my hammies are quite adventurous when it comes to food. No surprise Tardy will 'test' a few mouthful. Keke.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Aww... Tardy is so cute there. It really look kinda bridal hee

~ Girl girl & Bae

kisetsu said...

Hi GG & Bae, so nice of you to drop by. (^^)

Ippo said...

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if White Retardy eats the rosebuds.
Hammies can eat dandelions right?

kisetsu said...

Hamsters eat dandelions. Well I read it many times in the web that it's good for the hams, but I would never try to give them. Even if it comes out in stores.

wiffy said...

dashingblue, look forward to the wedding anniversary photos, hehe ^o^

kisetsu said...

Hmmm, I have a idea when I was walking around in Ikea just now. :) Jac, I'll email you the details.

dashingblue said...

Cool~ Send to my email at =)

The hotmail one has some problem. O.o