Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sleepy Face

Baby Mott always have this sleepy face. Probably it's her slit eyes. :p

She's currently the apple of the co-owner's eyes.


wiffy said...

aww I want BB Mott... I like to think of hamsters' sleepy faces n sleeping poses whenever I have difficulty dosing off... they look so peaceful and relaxed

kisetsu said...

Yeap they have all sorts of sleeping poses.

Currently Mochi top the list of the Most Sleepy Hamster in our records. When he falls into deep sleep, no matter how loud we call him or tap his cage, he will not wake up. :)

Ippo said...

So cute!
How come she can have 2 colors?

kisetsu said...

She's a motted winter white. A combination of black and white patches with a tint of brown.

A hybrid which petshops in Singapore sell.