Friday, October 3, 2008

Somebody's Watching Me

Ever wonder why Hermie always likes to hide and refuse to step outta his house? Cos' he is being watched.

Kitten: "Mama, can I have him for dinner?"

Cat: "He's too scrawny. Wait till he grows up."

There you have it....

I am having too much fun at Photofunia, even my hamsters are not spared. :p


noobcook said...

wahaha so funny ... for a second I thought it's real and you had cats :P

kisetsu said...

Heehee, the effects of putting hamster's photos are better than our own. I like this the most. So funny and real. :)

dashingblue said...

I almost thought it was real at first! O.o Hahahaha~

kisetsu said...

This one of the online fun things that I find worth playing around. :) Go try it, they make it very real. :p

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