Monday, October 13, 2008

Timid Tardy Getting Better

Eversince Timid Tardy is separated from Ringo (well they stay next door to each other now), he is putting on healthy weight. (^.^) I am very happy about this. He was super malnourished when he stayed with Ringo and at one point he was so weak that he couldn't climb up the wooden planks.

Getting better and better.

At least he is of the size of a regular hammie, but still abit thin. Eat more! I'm gonna stuff food into your face. (^_^)v


dashingblue said...

Hahahahaha~ I didn't it was so severe that Retardy is malnourished all because of Ringo Chan. Lol! Poor thing.

Eat more Tardy! Jia you!

Ps. In reply to your twitter message, Zen loves the jelly! She gobbled it down in seconds! She has a totally sweet tooth!

wiffy said...

Jia you, tardy! Eat more n become chub chub ^_^

kisetsu said...

It's not really sweet. But it's taste weird cos' instead of fruits favour, it's vegetable favour. (o.O)'

The hammies really don't know how to appreciate good food. =.="

Hmmm, since young, Tardy has maintained a slim body. Don't think he will be chubby. (??)

dashingblue said...

You actually tried! O.o Haha! There are four flavours.

Orange for carrot.
Red for apple.
Green for cabbage.
Yellow for orange.

Let them "niap" a little jelly once in a while. Hehe!

Yeah~ How come your hammies so weird? They don't like veggies and fruits. O.o What about Cherry and Spritez? =P

You will never know... Tardy is probably now rejoicing... "Muahahahaha~ Now I don't have to fight with that fat woman for food! Food! They are all mine now!"

=P =P =P

dashingblue said...

Imagine like he is conquering the world... Whoops~ I mean the food bowl. Hehehehehe~ =P

Ippo said...

Because Ringo stole all the food haha!
That's how she got fat.

kisetsu said...

Errr, heh heh. I'm like the poison tester for the hammies. The snacks that I bought for them will undergo my QC check first.:p Need to test the sweetness level, salt level etc.

Yup, I gave them the green one and that's veggies favour. Cherry just sniffed and she back out O__o. Spritez took a few nips and that's it.

Ringo always eats up the good food and either left the foodbowl empty or those unwanted food which Tardy doesn't like. Knowing Tardy, he is the accommodating type, he gives in to Ringo all the time. Hence, the owners step into justice. :)