Wednesday, October 1, 2008

When I'm Gone

My little nest maker passed away yesterday night around 10pm plus. He is 2yrs 3mths old.

I noticed Stubby was limping around trying to find a place to sleep. It was unusual for him cause he wasn't that weak. Unknown to us, he was actually trying to find his resting place. Eventually when I touched him, he didn't jump up like he used to and I knew his time was up.

When both of us pat his head, he opened his eyes one last time and looked at us, seemingly telling us: "Don't worry, my time is up." and he switched to his sleeping mode again. By then, the co-owner was sobbing away. We kept vigilant over him and he obviously didn't like us watching his last moment. So when he was about to leave, he crawled into his nest, half covered his body and stop breathing. His death was a peaceful and painless one. I am happy for him cos' he lived well.

And when I'm gone, just carry on, don't mourn

Rejoice everytime you hear the sound of my voice

Just know that I'm looking down on you smiling

And I don't feel a thing, so baby don't feel the pain

Just smile back


wiffy said...

Sorry to hear your loss, feel sad to hear this sudden news... but at the same time, I know Stubby lived a full and happy life with you. He will be watching over you now... take care kisetsu

kisetsu said...

It's not really sudden. We are very aware the Hamsty generation will be coming to an end soon. A matter of time that Stub will be next. But I am happy for him, at least he did not suffer the pain of dying. It's a peaceful farewell. :)

dashingblue said...

Rest in peace Stubby... Each time I read about the passing away of your hamster, my heart would always feel so heavy and sad... =(

Touched by how you wrote about Stubby's last moment, I could almost imagine that moment as if I was there...

Stubby, your baby photo is really cute~ Didn't know that was you whenever your owner uses that pic as her avatar. Hehe~ =P

kisetsu said...

Haiz, the co-owner cannot take deaths anymore. He kept asking me to get a guinea pig instead. At least it will live for 8yrs instead of every 2-3yrs we have a 'furneral'. I however still like hamsters alot.

Yup, Stubby was very very cute when he was a baby. He got this big eyes and stubby nose. Hence his name Stubby. :) Miss him dearly.

dashingblue said...

Awww... I can understand why he wants a piggie... =.= Sometimes I would even ask Mayo why they (hamsters)just cannot live longer because I totally hate to see them go. I want to be with them forever... =( And two years is just too short for these little critters... Sigh... =(

Piggies can live to a lifespan around the same as rabbits which is up to 7 years. But one thing which you must know about if you guys are considering to get one is that their urine smells a lot. So you will need to change the toilet every two days. O.o This is a rather tough commitment to make so must consider well k? =)

dashingblue said...

Piggie's toilet smells very fast because they poop and pee a lot, serious. O.o

kisetsu said...

This is a good reason that I can tell him that hamsters are still better. Smell nicer. :p Yep, good one Jac. ;)

Ippo said...

Aaww 2 years & 3 months, you must have done a good job taking care of him. Now he can take care of himself now over the rainbow bridge.

kisetsu said...

Yup, think he can be with his family up across the bridge and reunited with his fav. sister. :)

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