Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sprite With An Attitude "Z"

When I was on the way home with the 2 new kids, I kept calling this "Mi" Sprite. Probably I like to drink Sprite more than Coke. After trying to make friends with her, resulting her in squeaks when I pat her head, I decided to call her Spritez with an attitude 'zzz'.

Although in data, they mentioned that she is 1 yr old. By the looks of her, I can't help but think she is over 1 yr, probably 1.5 already. And I also can't help but think she has something to say. She's all gloomy since coming back.

She has not really run the wheel or show any signs of activeness. These 3 days, I have been talking to her for hours. She just sat there looking at me, probably hinting me to shut up and give her some peace.

Spritez, although looking at you sometimes makes me blunt out your name as Stiggy, and in you I keep seeing Fatty. But no matter what, you are Spritez, and I give you this name in hope that you will fizzes up and be happy/cool like the soft drink.

Boy you're really a replica of dear little Stig!


dashingblue said...

I like how you describe Spritez's name! Fizzes like a soft drink! Haha! =P

Oh~ She was so active when we adopted her. Kept running on the wheel and even tested a few mouthful of the the bedding thinking it was food. O.o Perhaps she is still trying to adjust to her new hamsty world environment. =)

Awww... She really looks cute! That round stubby face! ^^

Is that a new cage? I like the green house and the platform thingy... What cage is that?

kisetsu said...

Sobz, I hope I can find Spritez back. *worried*

That's a very very old cage I have. No brand one. :p

Spritez girl, where are you hiding now. :(

wiffy said...

Oh no is Spritez missing? =( Hope you find her soon ... don't worry maybe she's cosying in some dark corners now. Hope you find her soon.

Ippo said...

Eh?? She escaped?
Do Spritez & Cherry live together?

kisetsu said...

That's the problem. My house has too many dark corner and we don't know which is the exact location.

I am confident she is within the house, but she did not appear thru' out the nite.

Stupid me, did not close the gate properly and she slipped out. Cherry is not staying with Spritez though.