Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Robos

We have just set up a new formation of the playground. All the Habitrail fancy cardboard maze were removed and we put in more hamster-friendly toys like the swing and ladder. We got Robbie and Ruddie, the 2 robos to have a go. They have not been out into the playground for so long.

Let's talk about Ruddie. As a robo, she is OBESE! She is twice the size of a roborovskii. And what's more, she is the size of the winterwhites. Same size as Fatty! Boy Ruddie, we are going to enrol you into the Trim-And-Fit club. You better start losing weight.

Here's Ruddie and Robbie. The 2 good friends who attack each other when provoked. Guess Robbie did not like Ruddie (too fat for him), and so no chemical attraction.


Anonymous said...

they're so cute i'm getting 1 in 3 months!!

kisetsu said...

Cute and untouchable I would say. =)