Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hermie aka Motty

We have decided to name Motty as Hermie. From now on, his official name will be Hermie. His nickname still remains as Motty, though co-owner strongly against that name. The name Hermie derives from Hermit, because he loves to hide inside the porcelain cave. Also we found out the history about him. Hermie is a victim of hamster bully by the other motts in the petshop. It is very evident because we noticed that there were more than 3 holes on each of his ear. A sign of abuse by other baby ham hams.

The other night, he was sobbing away until morning. Hermie, you should be safe here. You have the Hamsty and Robo families here. We will soon find you a partner and you can have your own Mot family as well. :)

We hope you will grow old with us here.

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