Sunday, February 3, 2008

In Memory Of Mousey Baby

We thought we lost this video. Amen that we found it in the archive disc. This was the last footage of Mousey Baby. And he is doing his unique backflipping.

Mousey Baby was one of the cutest pearl white hamsty, 3rd batch from Chiko & Naughty, brother of Fatty. He was very well trained to climb up the tower when you called him and to do the backflip to entertain us.

We miss you, our "big eyes, stubby nosey, round face" hammie. :(


dashingblue said...

Wow! Mousey baby is so talented! O_o I have seen videos of hamsters doing the backflip too, how I wish my hamsters could. Haha!

kisetsu said...

Haiz, it is a waste that he went to Sunflower valley. He is very talented.

Hamsters can be trained. Try on Mayo! :)

dashingblue said...

You mean you trained Mousey Baby to do the backflip? Oh! How did you do that? Care to share? =P

kisetsu said...

First the hamster must be an active "ham" (not like Fatty tat lazy bum).

Then it must learn to jump. Mousey Baby already been jumping since young, so I pick up from there by using my finger to wave him backwards. He started falling backwards upon sensing my finger waving on top. Soon, I started waving my finger in circular motion, and he started flipping. :p

The flip cannot be done instantly, the hamster needs to practice constantly until it finally master the technique and flip 180 deg. Once it learnt how to flip, it don't even need the fingers to guide them to somersault. :)