Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not Really Photogenic

Honestly, people must see Spritez (the fuzz ball) in person to really understand why I say she's very very beautiful. Her photos ain't do any justice because she's simply not photogenic. No wonder she got bad votes in the contest (sorry, Spritez, I'm gonna pour cold water on you). :D

Back to the point. She can win me over anytime despite how naughty she is. She just stare at me with that big puppy eyes, innocent face and a little pout mouth, and I give in to her. This is the closest photo of her expressing her innocence moment that we could get.

Still not as photogenic as in real person. -.-"


Ippo456 said...

Spritez does look cute in pictures, I think.
Maybe her fur doesn't look as nice in pictures as it does in real life?
Because from this picture, it looks like her fur is coarse.

kisetsu said...

It's something about her stare that I could not capture. In real life, when I place her on my palm and call her name, she would look at me so innocently, it just make me go awwww.