Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Story Of Little Scratch

It was a big mistake to go into the petshop last night. =.=" In fact in the daytime, I had already went to PLC, but later in the evening I went to Pet Safari again. To look for the wooden house which Reverie had asked me to (sadly there is no discount for the house she wanted). Right when we stepped in, we saw an all-white baby ham running around actively. Both co-owner and me exclaimedly in union: "Mochi!!!!!" We were just very attracted to this little twerp. It's different from the rest of them pearl whites because everyone had their dorsal strips while this twerp totally didn't have any.

"Look like a very young Mochi."

After looking at the price of the house in dismay, I stepped out of the shop ready to go home when co-owner pulled me back to the little twerp.

Co-owner: "Honey, you look at him." *expressed deep interest*
Me: "So? We have 12 mousey in da house!"
Co-owner: "Where got 12?"
Me: "Oreo and Nibs is with us now!"
Co-owner: "Look at this poor mousey."

There sat the little twerp in one corner looking in a daze. All the rest of them babies had companions and were happily cuddling together, but this little one curled around alone far from everyone. Looking closely, we found one of his ears had a fresh red wound. We decided to leave the shop but after making a step forward, we returned back and decided to bring him back home with us.

The wound at his ear was not all that I found out. Later in the night, I found out that we really bought a defective hamster. This little twerp has vestibular disease syndrome. He was running around in circles the whole night and his head was not straight. This hamster defect is commonly known as 'head tilt' which either results from infections or stroke. It usually will cause the hamster to run in circles (known as circling) and tripping ocassionally due to instability.

So. That is why I just have this very strong intuition to buy you home right from the start when I saw you. Well, after knowing your defects, I realised that you are really destined to stay with us. :)

"Doesn't he look like Mochi?"


dashingblue said...

Congrats on your new hamster! ^^ He is adorable... So white... And his nose is so pink! Really is a mochi replica. =P

I see you bought the Kaytee rose scented bedding~! Haha~ The smell is nice right? I also bought the rose one but haven use it yet. =P Let me know if you think it is better than Healthy Pets. =) I have people in HH forum who tells me the scented bedding is bad for hamsters as it confuse their smell. -.-"

Anyway, I saw Kaytee and lots of Carefresh hamster bedding here in USA! Oh my gawk~ They are like so cheap! It cost only S$12 for a pack of Kaytee bedding! And Singapore sells like S$17 - S$20! >.< Don't understand why all pets stuff are so ex! Keeping pets in S'pore is really not easy... >.<

kisetsu said...

Actually, that kaytee rose scented wasn't even scented! :( Your lavender one have a stronger smell than the rose one. We decided to try cos' it makes perfect scene for photoshoot! :) I think this should be safe for the hams since the scent is quite mild.

My god, one pack is really not cheap! The rest of them ham I still stick to carefresh cos' it's cheaper. Yah man, the stuff here are really expensive..... I just saw a cute ham foodbowl with all the cute ham faces, the price makes my jaw drop!!! :D

Ippo456 said...

Aaaaww he is really cute! What is vestibular disease syndrome and how did he get it, in-breeding?
I feel bad when leaving petsores after seeing some sick animals, but I know that if I buy the sick animals I'll only be supporting the petstore.
Yes, bedding here is cheap. I guess in SG it's expensive because of shipping?

kisetsu said...

I'm not sure how this twerp got it. He is so young and he has this problem. It's either he got a stroke or probably some infections. Like Yoshi & Whitehead (both suffered this syndrome), they eventually recovered to 90% but their heads were forever a little tilted.

Although I don't buy from those 'unknown' petshop, this shop is a renowned name in SIN. They even made us sign the animal contract! =.=" But I don't like the clause in the contract that states: should the animal is sick prior to purchase, a refund/return is allowed. :S

Well, in SIN all stuff have high mark-up prices. No kidding. That's why having pets is a luxury splurge of $$.

wiffy said...

congrats on your new ham! Yes, agree that he looked like Mochi when he was a baby, I think it is fate that has brought you to Scratch ^^ Sorry to hear of the health issues but I'm glad to hear it has got a good ham doctor in the house from now on ;)

kisetsu said...

The only feature that we could not have was that Mochi's ears consist of 1 pink and 1 black. Little Scratch is all pinky. :p

We will monitor on his head tilt syndrome. If he's not ok, we are definitely bringing him to the vet.

dashingblue said...

Oh~ My smell of my pack of rose scented Kaytee bedding was quite prominent. Maybe you can try the mint too. Heh~ =P I am really so tempted to buy some hamster bedding and bring back home lor... But I think my parents will scold me cause like not worth it to lug it home during the 20 hours jounrney. >.< Haha~ Oh! The purple colored Kaytee without scent is cheaper, S$17. The scented ones are S20. >.<

Yay~ Do post some of the photoshoots up! I want to see! ^^

I think I know which bowl you are refering to... The Marukan hamster bowl right? They are cute anc nice, but too pricey! Heart pain lor... Unfortunately, here don't have Marukan brand! >.<

dashingblue said...

Gosh~ Typo error = Should me "The smell" NOT "My smell." Haha~

kisetsu said...

The one at Pasir Ris did not sell the mint. I saw that in TM's shop but when I went there, the shop area was closed down!!!! I think the mall is renovating and PLC was cleared outta that area! :O

True. 1litre = 1kg. Unless you have extra baggage weight, else excess weight are chargeable, also no point bringing back the beddings. Hey, you should look for those special stuff which SIN doesn't have. :) Toys, etc. :)

Ippo456 said...

NNnooo, I hate it when people do that, return sick/disabled animals.
An owner should love his/her pet, no matter how the pet is.
Good for you for keeping Scratch :-)

kisetsu said...

That's why I felt that it should not have that clause in the contract but well, I guess that's part of customer service.

Little Scratch is doing well, but he is in his own little world ignoring the two owners. =.="