Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tok Tok Tok

At seeing Earl Grey in the pose, the co-owner produced a 'tok tok tok tok' background sound and looked at me saying: "He's meditating..."

On looking at the photo again. Yeah, he really looks like he is meditating. Haha. :D


Ippo456 said...

"Amitabhaaaa .."
Maybe Earl Grey is bored?

kisetsu said...

Or probably he is'in-the-zone' to sleep. :D

wiffy said...

aww so cute, with the 'tok tok tok' sound effect I can just visualize EG beating the 'drum' hehe ... so far Neko chan was my only hamster to seem to know how to meditate ;D

kisetsu said...

Does all sapphires have this instill in them? Hahaha. Earl is the only sapphire WW in the house. :p