Sunday, April 12, 2009

Birth Certificate

As I have already maximize Hamsterer profile of 25 hamster (gosh!), I don't feel like creating another account of it by using a different email add. Hence I decided that it is time I create my own hamster's cert instead of putting all info at Hamsterer. The day before, while I was browsing a hamster book at a bookshop, it taught how to create a hamster birth cert.

Idea strikes and I decide to create my own. I created it in a 4R (4x6inch) size so that I can print it out as well (without wasting too much paper). I kindda like the finishing result. :)

Well, since I have the template all set up. If anyone would like to have their hams' certs. Do let me know. (^^)v


Ippo456 said...

It's always good to keep track of your animals' birthdays.
Too bad I don't know the exact ages of all of my animals, except for Winnie.
If I know the exact birthdays, I know what to expect as they age, like Dee Dee starting to lose her eyesight.
From your comment, I guess I have nothing to worry about regarding Dee Dee. I've never had hamsters before until now, so I didn't know they're prone to cataracts.

kisetsu said...

Yes, I do keep track of their rough ages. At least I know how long their life spans are and to gauge how I perform as an owner to keep them in good health.

I was also initially very worried when I saw them have cataracts and it's not possible to have them removed. So I let them be and it turned out that it least affects them. I think it's usually all my WWs have it instead of robos and syrians.

wiffy said...

What a cute and sweet looking birth cert :) I luv to make birth or adoption certs for my hamhams too.

kisetsu said...

This is my first time doing one. I'm the lazy kind. Previously all info was put under Hamsterer until I ran out of slots. :p Now have to seek alternative methods. :D

Emma said...

How can I contact you???

kisetsu said...

Hi Emma,

Sorry if I saw this too late. I don't check older post. Apologies.

You can contact me at or alternatively you can provide me your email.

Do post at the recent post (if I missed out again).

Anonymous said...

Can i have a brth certificate for my hamster?

Chelseajade said...

Aww how cute! How do you make these? i can never make mine look as good!