Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Big Welcome

The Hamsty family welcomes Reverie's two hams who will be vacationing here for a while. :) Cute Nibs and Aunty Oreo will be staying at our side for a month while their owner is away. Hammies, some of you should remember Aunty Oreo. She was with us back then while you all were still babies. Hermie & Robbie, remember?

Oreo is still as active as ever. She has been running round the cage and climbing all over as usual.

Little Nibbles on the other hand is only active at night. He seems to like the AB Seton wooden house we put in for him when he arrived. :)

We will be featuring them often for the coming month. To update their owner on their happenings while she is away. "Hammies, you know you won't be safe because there are human spies lurking around you all the time." :D


dashingblue said...

Hello Nibs and Oreo!! I am commenting here from USA! Hahahaha!!! I miss you both~~ *muackz muackz* ^^

Thank you for looking after them Pam~ I hope they are fine and not so much of a trouble for you... >.<

About the ab seton house, so sad to hear there was no discount for it... =( I don't understand... Why that one has got no discount? =( But thanks a lot for making a trip to Pets Safari for me~ ^^ Much appreciated!

There is this super HUGE pets mart here nearby! They have those USA brands like Crttertrail, Superpets, Habitrail, Carefresh and so on... Lots of stuff! They even have this gorgeous cinderella pumpkin hamster wheel for hamster! =D Haha~ You got anything you wish to get from here for your hamsters? Like the Superpets puzzles, etc... =)

I am going back there again tomorrow to check it out... Will probably get some hamsters snacks here for you... =) I want to get the bedding too~ But I think it is not convenient to bring them back to Singapore although they are MUCH cheaper... >.<

kisetsu said...

Hey Jac, glad to hear you reach the States safely. Wow, within the first few days you have already done some shopping. That's fast.

The 40% discount is only given to the wooden carriage. The rest of the ab seton stuff no longer have the disc! :(

How I wish I can go to the States to buy all the stuff. They have gorgeous wooden house and seriously I think you probably can buy better stuff there than that ab seton house. It's so ex, almost 10 bucks here!!!

Maybe you might want to buy those limited edition carefresh colored beddings which SIN here does not have. :)

wiffy said...

Oooo dashingblue's hams! Beautiful photos and how sweet you are taking care of them :)

kisetsu said...

Since we live nearby, it's easy for us to take care of each other hams when away. But of cos' Jac only has 2 hams, so it's ok for us. :D

dashingblue said...

Hehe~ Oh, They have this SUPER HUGE Pets Smart here! I was like so wow-ed!!!! O.O I don't think I see many of those wooden hamster houses here... I don't know... I will go back and check it out again and also buy some pets stuff back... =)

Yeah... I saw Carefresh bedding here... A lot in fact... But I don't I want to buy cause they are almost similar to Healthy Pets...

kisetsu said...

Do they have limited edition colors?!!! *excited*