Saturday, April 14, 2012

What In The World?

This is one article that I read in my local newspaper and this just shock me to the core. It's not about hamsters but it still relates to the rodent family. What makes me sick is the hobby: Decorating mice carcasses for showcase?

Though I would really like to immortalize all my RIP hammies, I don't think I can stomach this method. (x_x)


Paula Regina said...

And still say that saved the mice from one end worse ...

masterofboots said...

that is monstrous!

Paula Regina said...

I sent this news to blogs here in Brazil, and many animal lovers were shocked.
Cruelty in your ceiling.

kisetsu said...

I don't think this hobby will appear in S'pore as we have our laws protecting animal abuse. But this news confirms to me that this world is getting more and more bizarre.

Paula Regina said...

You said it all.

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