Monday, March 19, 2012

New Home Sweet Home

It has been quite a while for the hammies. I missed updating them and their funny attics. Now that we are down to only Herbie and Scar, we pretty much have more time for them and I think they love all the attention.

Last Friday, we finally brought them to the new Hamsty wing and it was really funny. Both of them displayed the fearful expression like they are being sent to somewhere bad. The air is different from the old house and the room was vast. Scar (the homing mouse) was let out to roam in the wide platform floor. The next thing we knew, he was scurrying back to his little cage. Watch the video below.

This video was the third attempt to let him roam about, but sadly he went straight back to his little cage without any exploration again. Can practically see that he was so afraid to touch on the unfamiliar ground. Herbie fared better. She scurried around half the area but decided that the most comfortable place is within the curtains. Needless to say, she refused to come out and pooped all over. =.=

The Hamsty room is currently being used as a storeroom for our stuff until our reno complete (hopefully a few more weeks). In the meantime, we have bought a table from Ikea to put their cages on. Hope things are starting to shape up soon.

It should be joyous for us to finally announce the new Hamsty wing has arrived but then again, we have been telling the hammies since those in the first generation until now. Sadly, only Herbie and Scar live to see the move and by now they are aged. If only all our hammies could be here. I can picture Hermie curiously seeking every corner, Spritez being the runaway again, Hamlet and Baby Mott to do their moutain-climbing on the curtains, DLLG scaling the walls and Fatty aka Stiggy lazing around on the cushion, etc etc.


Paula Regina said...

kisetsu, hello!

Glad all is well.

I thought of you ...
I watched a program with Ian Wright (traveller) and met his city. Beautiful, organized and people are very nice.
I loved the friendliness of Vernetta Lopez and I laughed a lot with her and Ian.

Caring for hamsters always cute

masterofboots said...

Hey nice to get an update. Looks like its time for you to restore your mini hamster zoo.

kisetsu said...

Hi Paula - You mean our DJ Vernetta? Wow, Singapore being featured in Brazil's television! =D

MoB - Yup, we are about to restart the havoc soon. Right now, we haven't subscribe to any internet service and it is so difficult to update blog using hotspot. =.=