Saturday, April 19, 2008

Who's there?

Oh! Who's hiding in the shadow?

Wee! It's Dwarfie Retardy!

You're having fun in the playpen while your big brother Sharpie is crying.


Hamster Hideout said...

I like the mysterious shot of Dwarfie Retardy hiding in the shadow :D

kisetsu said...

That's a compliment for the photographer who cannot take a shot well. Haha. :)

dashingblue said...

Pam! I have no idea why suddenly the exercise wheel can't turn?! O_o I think it is spoilt or something... Now the poor hamsters got no running to do. =( You have an extra wheel?

kisetsu said...

Hi Jac, I call you up when I reach SIN soon. I'm in Taiwan now. :)

dashingblue said...

Pam! Something tragic happened to Oreo... =( Her leg broke and is now in a splint. Hope she will recover soon...

Retardy is still loving her very much though... Hehe! I pray that all is well... =)

Faster come back to Singapore! Hehe!

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