Sunday, August 30, 2009

Upright Sleep Pose

Rubie's teaching us that sleeping upright is a good way to sleep.

"I'm gonna doze off anytime soon."

No hunching huh, did I get hear a 'crack' sound?


Ippo456 said...

Rubie's face is so cute!
I was thinking how she can see ghosts without those eyebrows, especially that now is the hungry ghost month.

kisetsu said...

hahaha Ippo, your concept of the white-face still remains. Heehee.

wiffy said...

I always wonder why hamsters like this pose. Won't they get backache? hehe

kisetsu said...

Probably because they hunched too much and once in a while it feels good to stretch? Haha.

Btw, hamsters are good yoga practitioners. How I wish I could be as flexible as them. :D