Sunday, April 11, 2010

RIP Ringo

Ringo chan is the next hamster to pass on to Sunflower Valley. Being the oldest after Hermie, she was brought in during the Retardy's generation. She is 3 months shy of being 2yrs old.

We found Ringo passed on yesterday nite during their feeding time. When we saw her bowl was still full with the previous day's leftover, we had a bad feeling about it. She did not come out from her hideout which usually she would be the first to dash out when she hears food. Co-owner lifted up the hideout and found her body. Like her normal sleeping position, she was in the tummy side up. We presumed she died in her sleep.

RIP my little greedy one. You will be dearly missed.


ippo456 said...

Aww Ringo!
I'll remember you as the fat one who has the strangest sleeping positions.
May you have unlimited supply of sunflower seeds so you can grow even bigger!
1 year & 9 months is a long time for a dwarf, I'm sure you've had a full life.

wiffy said...

I'm glad to have a chance to meet pretty Ringo chan once. I always have a soft spot for chub chub hams. I think she had lived her life to the fullest under your care. I love this particular music from FMA and it is really a beautiful tribute you put together with her photos. Rest in peace Ringo.

dashingblue said...

Ringo-chan, hope you will find your hubby Timid Retardy up in heaven... And remember to share your food with him ahhh... :P Haha~ I'll always remember you as that cute chubby hamster who likes to sleep on your back on the wheel! Rocking away like a hammock. :p You'll be dearly missed Ringo-chan. Rest in peace.

kisetsu said...

Seems like Ringo is known as the obese hammie to all. LoL. But in the end, she slimed down, so Ringo, no hard feelings. Come to think of it, I remember she's the only who broke the running wheel.

Sigh~ There won't be any Ringo chan rushing out for food anymore. :(